Last Paradox

Blythe's Journal

Blythe – I’ve never been in a fight in my life. Well, at least anything you could call a real fight. Some hair pulling and a hard slap hardly count as a real fight. That all changed today. I only wish someone had been there to take pictures of film it or something. Man I would love to upload it to YouTube. Well, that is if the internet ever comes back. This whole thing is like a bad dream or a cheep novel that will not end. I’m saddled with a special forces group, many of whom have augmented abilities like mine. I guess I fell from one batch of misfits to another. At least these guys don’t fight with each other all the time.

My control of the alien hardware is impressive even to me. It scares me a little that when I unleash my overload on the system I can feel the pilot’s body like its part of the system. When I killed the machine I hurt it too. Maybe I can extend my abilities to effect the human electrical system too.

If we are in the fight for our planet. I’d better step up. This is our shit and if they want it, its gunna cost ’em.

Zach's Situation Report 3

ZachI’m not sure I can put a wrapper around the shit that is happening around here. We’ve managed to transfer the AI from the server room to some kind of chemical zombie artifice that allows “Lucy” to travel with us and aid in our egress from this nightmarish lab.
Roger went topside to have a look around and managed to establish communications with a Blackhawk helicopter out of White Sans Air Base, jut before it was blown out of the sky. He said they were headed to Conchas where an alien ship crashed. I suppose no outfit is flawless not even some alien hit squad ben on the conquest of earth.
Blythe, the augmented telepath, seems to have some special powers that may prove useful, but I don’t trust her. She may be finding friends with the others, but I’ll need a little more proof.
Some of the others are talking about making our way back to base camp to see what if anything remains of it. The atmosphere outside this compound is toxic according to the scouting party. We will need to cover our skin and filter the air we breath until the “bug bomb” they dropped on us dissipates.

Zach's Situation Report 2

ZachWhat the hell is going on! Am I seriously supposed to beleive these corpses are aliens. Someone is seriouly fucking with us. I swear to god if this is some kind of a joke, I’m not having it.

Zach's Situation Report

ZachThe last six weeks went by like a blur. New places, new faces and a general feeling of wonder. The droning of the C130 engines mirrored the numbness inside me. My teammates seemed to better fit the profile than I did. Eldon Perry was typical muscle, self assured and ready for a fight. I expect he may be a cut above the regular butcher, but thats only because Proteus holds a higher standard than most Spec Ops units. We touched down at White Sands Airbase where we were greeted by a black Denali. “Was I one of those guys now?” Whatever the case we were en-route to our first assignment. R.Cade remained silent during the journey. Maybe it was his form of meditation. He had been tight-lipped during our training too. The occasional smart-ass quip and some allusion to a nefarious lifestyle. We arrived at our remote operations base just before dusk. Bridget, whose resume reads like a who’s who among Rhode scholars. God I hope she can use that pistol on her hip, or I’m gonna spend most of my time trying to keep her brains in that pretty little head.

My first week of training with this group I figured out that Tag was trouble. He reminded me of one of those premium channel magicians that makes you spend too many brian cycles trying to figure out how they they did that trick or pulled off that illusion. I suspect that some of what I’ve been seeing is real. Otherwise he wouldn’t be here.

Once inside the compound we met with our CO. Ramses. He gave us the general rundown of things. A group by the name of Blue Horizon had infiltrated a remote research center. Now they were stuck in the basement with hostages. I guess that is reason enough to call in the super-squad.

It didn’t take us long to take out their sentry. His robot sentry units made from M60s, service carts, and web cameras was pretty resourceful, but not enough to save him. Bridget used her oversized grey matter to defeat the security on the building and the elevator and just like that we were on Blue Horizon’s front door.

Eldon and Tag made the initial push, shattering glass and mounting a proper assault. We managed to take out all but the little side kick of the boss with minor injuries to Bridget and some unhealthy wounds to Tag.
The real news of the day was that we were stuck down here for three weeks unless we could find a way to override the Protocol 6 security measures enacted by the security AI Lucy.

Wikileaks Post

NM – Governor Miguel Ortiz – Personal log 12.11.2018
The tide of recent world events has cast humanity in a bad light. Regional conflicts threaten the security of nations around the world. Terrorism, by the old definition, has become the new face of conflict. Agencies wishing disrupt governments and corporations have adopted the covert style popularized in the early millennium by Al-Qaeda and other stateless armies. Then, as now, these activities exist as an undercurrent to daily life. Unless the actions of these groups effect people directly most see it on a network feed. Comments about the barbaric practices of theses groups are the only typical response. Society trundles on, largely uninterrupted. Families still vacation to exotic locations. Entertainment super-corporations pedal the action thrillers and hollow satires common to the industry. Cells of dissidents sparkle and fade under the temporal flags of injustice. Erased by societies inability to see an undercurrent of change.

The United States Government along with key members of the G20 countries have largely funded the efforts to fight the stateless armies, referred to in their rhetoric as Sub-State dissidents or SSDs. The state of New Mexico has prospered in recent legislative initiatives involving development of alternative energies. This has resulted in the creation of many research facilities in remote areas of the state. Few outside of top secret divisions within the military and the government are aware of the weaponization of these technologies for use against these 2nd generation stateless armies.

One of these facilities has recently been compromised and is in a state of lock down while a team of engineers and specialist can respond to the threat. The desert facility is a subterranean complex 10 miles outside of Fort Sumner.

A team of civilian consultants and military personnel are responding to the threat. And will infiltrate the complex to stop the terrorist and release the hostages.


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