Last Paradox

Blythe's Journal

Blythe – I’ve never been in a fight in my life. Well, at least anything you could call a real fight. Some hair pulling and a hard slap hardly count as a real fight. That all changed today. I only wish someone had been there to take pictures of film it or something. Man I would love to upload it to YouTube. Well, that is if the internet ever comes back. This whole thing is like a bad dream or a cheep novel that will not end. I’m saddled with a special forces group, many of whom have augmented abilities like mine. I guess I fell from one batch of misfits to another. At least these guys don’t fight with each other all the time.

My control of the alien hardware is impressive even to me. It scares me a little that when I unleash my overload on the system I can feel the pilot’s body like its part of the system. When I killed the machine I hurt it too. Maybe I can extend my abilities to effect the human electrical system too.

If we are in the fight for our planet. I’d better step up. This is our shit and if they want it, its gunna cost ’em.



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