Last Paradox

Zach's Situation Report 3

ZachI’m not sure I can put a wrapper around the shit that is happening around here. We’ve managed to transfer the AI from the server room to some kind of chemical zombie artifice that allows “Lucy” to travel with us and aid in our egress from this nightmarish lab.
Roger went topside to have a look around and managed to establish communications with a Blackhawk helicopter out of White Sans Air Base, jut before it was blown out of the sky. He said they were headed to Conchas where an alien ship crashed. I suppose no outfit is flawless not even some alien hit squad ben on the conquest of earth.
Blythe, the augmented telepath, seems to have some special powers that may prove useful, but I don’t trust her. She may be finding friends with the others, but I’ll need a little more proof.
Some of the others are talking about making our way back to base camp to see what if anything remains of it. The atmosphere outside this compound is toxic according to the scouting party. We will need to cover our skin and filter the air we breath until the “bug bomb” they dropped on us dissipates.



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